Achieving the possible . . .

Somali Refugees fleeing Yemen to escape the spiraling chaos of civil war - now making their way back home to Somalia.

     - OASIS Foundation will be there to facilitate finding the long road home. 

Few of us ever will know the sense of having no place to call home.........however it is the tragic reality for millions of people who have been driven from their homes or their homeland because of famine, political unrest, ethic and religious persecution and civil war. 

       - OASIS Foundation embraces every man, woman and child who finds themselves without food, shelter and hope.  Our deep and abiding faith in achieving the possible has uniquely positioned us to be there when people, cultures and nations collide. 

Achieving the possible . . .

No woman or girl should be forced to endure the unbearable existence of a sex slave.

     -In Yemen, this is the fate of many young Somali women have fled civil war elsewhere in an attempt to rebuild their lives.