Achieving the possible . . .


OASIS Foundation for Hope and The Institute for Good Governance in Africa are committed to fighting corruption in Africa. Until governments across Africa serve their constituents with transparency and accountability, the hope for a better life will remain forever out of reach for every man, woman and child.

In Kenya, OASIS Foundation for Hope is working hard to shine a bright light on corruption. The Kenyan people deserve no less than to know their counties and national government understand the nature of their official role as public servants charged with the solemn responsibility of managing the affairs of the people.

As a faith-based organization, OASIS Foundation for Hope espouses honesty, integrity, transparency and charity as essential components at all levels of governance.

OASIS Foundation for Hope is a charitable organization with a mission of bringing hope of a better life to women, children and the elderly in Africa. 

     - OASIS Foundation supports orphanages in Kenya and Somalia and is committed to raising awareness of and protecting young girls and women from devastating and predatory attacks which all too frequently go unreported or unacknowledged leading to scars that can take a lifetime to heal. 

OASIS Foundation has embraced the remarkable children at Ongoro Children's Home and Gideon Soldiers Orphanage in western Kenya.

     - We call them OASIS Children because each and every one of them represents the true spirit of Kenya.  While many have lost their parents as early as infants to AIDS, each OASIS Child shows an eagerness to reach a better life through dedication to his or her studies, participation in sports and holding on to the dream of someday achieving his or her dreams. The dedicated staff at the orphanages are possessed of a strong faith and commitment to each and every child. 

                 OASIS Foundation for Hope raises awareness of these needy children and strives to support them with food, clothing, educational materials, medical supplies and toys - which children the world over cherish.