Achieving the possible . . .


The Institute for Good Governance in Africa was founded to develop ideas that shape political and social institutions bringing together the best minds to explore the fundamental questions that confront evolving democracies and economics in Africa - focusing on lessons learned from the American experience.

The Institute seeks to encourage new ideas and fresh thinking across indigenous cultures and disciplines and is dedicated to the implementation of unwavering standards of good governance across Africa.



How We WorkWe embrace indigenous customs and values that give us the blueprint for engaging needs

Our Inner Compass

From Independence to Today
The long road to safety, security and stability can only be navigated from a deep and abiding love for the indigenous people.....this is our inner compass

It's an Indigenous Solution

No voice matters more than theirs......they have spoken and we have listened
An Organic Process

Our PhilosophyIt's about lighting the path. . . not defining their future  

OASIS Foundation for Hope